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This utility extracts the text from PDF files and gives you HTML pages, you can read them with virtually any browser.

In the process of translation, much formatting information is simply discarded. Domania has a utility to convert PDFs to HTML files, retaining the formatting. Obviously, that's a more elegant solution IF you can see the small print on your screen. If you have the Adobe Reader software, as is included in the MSNTV2, you have the ability to see PDF pages as pages, yet enlarge them to display partial pages large enough for the viewing of small print.

This utility only handles PDF files through version 1.3. and reports newer version files as being defective. The software at Domania will properly handle version 1.4 PDF files, and will handle most version 1.5 files, although it chokes on some of them. Additionally, with Domania, your translation is saved until you decide to delete it.

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