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     Keyboard Shortcuts


What are the WebTV keyboard shortcuts?

This is as complete a listing of shortcuts as we've found. Are there more? Possibly. (If you know of any, let us know.)

CMD + PowerHangs up the phone
CMD + OptionsOpens Advanced Options
CMD + DeleteDeletes whole line of text
CMD + Scroll UpGo to the top of page
CMD + Scroll DownGo to the bottom of page
CMD + FOpen the Find panel
CMD + GGo to the next Found word
CMD + BGo to the previous Found word
CMD + Left ArrowGo to the beginning of the line
CMD + Right ArrowGo to the end of the line
CMD + CTRLShow the address of the highlighted link
CMD + RReload page
CMD + AHighlight all of the text on the page
CMD + CCopy the highlighted text
CMD + XCut the highlighted text
CMD + VPaste text
CTRL + IGo to the next link
TabGo to the next link
CTRL + MEnter
Shift + Arrow KeyHighlight text
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