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     Many Useful Utilities at Paulding.Net


  • Crypt!
    Want to manage password-protected directories, but no access to the shell and htpasswd? This utility will generate the lines you need to create a password file, so you can create and edit the file with any editor. Additionally, you can validate encrypted passwords with this utility.
  • Easy Quoter!
    Copy a mail or usenet post in, press the button, and we return it wordwrapped and and marked with > marks at the start of each line. If you're on AOL or MSNTV, you NEED EasyQuoter.
  • URL Shortener!
    No more "broken URLs" because they "word-wrapped" in email or USENET posts. Give us a long URL and we'll give you a short one that ends up in the same place!
  • Printable Calendar
    Print a year-at-a-glance calendar, with your choice of any image on the web, for any year 1940 - 2039! Optional holidays in red, too!
  • Whois
    Find out who owns a domain, how to contact them - and often find out who's hosting them.
  • View PDF
    Translates a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file from another server to web (HTML) format, including bitmap graphics.
  • Bible Search
    A concordance of the King James Bible. Much easier to use than Cruden's.
  • Lottery Number Picker
    Pick lucky numbers in a specified range.
  • Sorter
    Sorts items in a list, numerically, alphabetically, in a case-sensitive sort, forward or reverse.
  • Magnifier
    Paste text into the window, and enlarge it for easy reading. Optional italics
  • Extract URLS
    Find all the links, sounds, and images on a page.
  • Show Info
    Temporarily use this URL as the "action" of your form to see what information is sent from browser to server.
  • Magic Lightbulb
    The "magic eight-ball" is obsolete. These answers actually work!.
  • View Source
    How do they do that? See the headers - and the HTML - of any web page
  • Browser-Safe Colors
    These colors aren't dithered, so they preserve detail, making text easier to read.
  • Type Sizes
    Shows the size of type with various <font> and <h> tags.
  • WebTV FAQs
    Answers some common questions about the MSN-TV service.
  • Great Passwords
    Generate passwords that are easy to remember, hard to crack.
  • How Do Porcupines Make Love?
    You'd be surprised.
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